New Peugeot 308 SW 2014:


Peugeot's engineers and also designers have got designed and also developed a new great powerful real estate car, using a small,stylish and also sporty allure. Getting this Peugeot i-Cockpit through the hatchback version, the brand new Peugeot 308 SW provides a cutting-edge indoor, resolutely current and also refined. Benefitting through the large

versatility from the completely new EMP2 program, the brand new Peugeot 308 SW creates by far the most of it's generous measurements to supply an amount of indoor spaciousness and also start amount among the best inside segment. The start additionally benefits from exemplary operation and also modularity.

The revolutionary PureTech three-cylinder turbo gasoline powerplant The revolutionary Peugeot 308 SW e-THP 1. 2 litre 130 horsepower presents this PureTech three-cylinder gasoline powerplant, inside

it's turbocharged version of a six-speed information gearbox. Modular and also sleek and stylish, clean up and also highly effective, this kind of powerplant is often a distillation of effectiveness plus the latest technology. Together with underhand strong procedure (200 bar) plus the completely new generation large effectiveness turbocharger (running on 240, 000 rpm) it offers driveability among the best on the market, through the most affordable powerplant rates. Because the greatest

torque of 230 Nm is actually acquired on 1750 rpm, the item produces the most beneficial small swiftness torque/maximum power give up on the market. Furthermore 95 % from the torque can be obtained concerning 1500 and also 3500 rpm, encouraging perfect operation in most circumstances.

It's sleek and stylish measurements, reduced pounds and also progressive small scrubbing products tend to be deciding facets inside this virtuous seek out overall performance and also fiscal operation, with no give up created upon trustworthiness and also strength. Regarding equivalent power and also driveability, this kind of engineering enhance permits fuel ingestion and also CO2 emissions being reduced simply by 21%.With this completely new introduction on the group of PureTech three-cylinder gasoline engines, this manufacturer shows that will downsizing is usually a technique of enhancing overall performance and also operating feelings.

BlueHDi technological innovation utilized on the latest selection of Diesel engines, BlueHDi could be the brand inclined to this brand's Dinar 6 Diesel engines. Specifically associating SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and also a particulate filtering with chemical to the Dinar 6 Diesel emissions, this BlueHDi technological innovation permits NOx emissions being significantly reduced simply by approximately 90% and also CO2 emissions and also fuel ingestion being optimised, while still eliminating 99. 9 % of particulates.Several BlueHDi engines will be offered by kick off. The BlueHDi 1. 6 litre 100 (coupled to a information 5-speed gearbox) plus the BlueHDi 1. 6 litre 120 (with six-speed information gearbox) tend to be lead off inside variety with the BlueHDi 2. 0 litre one hundred fifty, offered with six-speed information or perhaps six-speed computerized gearbox. Type-approved with CO2 emissions of 85g/km, this BlueHDi 1. 6 litre 120 is often a true engineering enhance, enabling this virtuous alliance of overall performance and also small fuel ingestion. Together with 120 horsepower, and also greatest torque of three hundred Nm by 1750 rpm, this kind of small fuel ingestion version is often a true "core from the range" version with amazing driveability. Multi-role and also effective, it's got not any particular stops upon it's towing power.

The revolutionary BlueHDi 2. 0 litre one hundred fifty powerplant contacts high end with particularly effectively was comprised of emissions. With a greatest torque of 370 Nm on 2000 rpm and also excellent versatility used, for the completely new Peugeot 308 SW using a six-speed information gearbox, the item earnings CO2 emissions by 99g/km. This BlueHDi 2. 0 litre one hundred fifty powerplant can also be of a 1 / 3 generation AISIN six-speed computerized gearbox. This completely new computerized gearbox employs Quickshift technological innovation, which usually mixes faster gear alterations with smoothness and also operating pleasure from the best degree. It's style ends in a new radical cut of CO2 emissions. The big difference inside emissions in comparison with information gearbox is actually added because of 5g/km (for certain tyre fitment) causeing the version very well placed when it comes to operating pleasure and also fuel ingestion.

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